Comedian Jay Black joined me in studio today to discuss the latest episode of our podcast Speaking Millennial. We've covered everything to uncomfortable (and awkward) topics about pornography, divorce, spy allegations and millennial teachers. It's all in there and the podcast brings you behind the scenes after my show with me, Jay and our friend Jessica Nutt. You can hear all 12 episodes on our website, but don't forget to download on iTunes so you never miss a show! There's a lot more time and freedom to tackle topics important to millennials and the friends, family, coworkers and bosses who need to learn a bit more about how to effectively "Speak Millennial."

Love podcasts? Check out the New 'Jersey' Guys Podcast where they're talking sports. This week, Chris and Dan are debating whether the Mayweather/McGregor fight will be one for the ages, or will it just be a bust?

Also check out Forever 39, Annette and Megan's new podcast about turning 40 — and loving life along the way. This week, they explore what the average number is for sexual partners. 

Also, on the Jim Gearhart Podcast, Jim debates whether Bernie Sanders and political correctness are signs of the Antichrist.

Speaking Millennial is also available on iTunes and Google Play.

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