Maybe, just maybe, the Antichrist isn't a man, Jim Gearhart says. Maybe, just maybe, it's an ideology.

And maybe the latest controversy whipped up by Sen. Bernie Sanders is just another sign of it, Jim says.

Wait ... what?

Jim was incensed — a lot of people were — when he read about Sanders' questions of Russell Vought, nominated by President Trump to be deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget. In a hearing earlier this month, Sanders suggested Vought's belief that non-Christians are condemned to hell amounted to Isamaphobia and perhaps anti-Semitism.

"Do you believe people in the Muslim religion stand condemned?" an account by NPR quotes Sanders saying. "What about Jews? Do they stand condemned, too?"

Vought answered over and over again: "I'm a Christian."

Jim references a column by Fox News' Todd Starnes that shares his indignation. Jim says he suspects a Muslim or other non-Christian would have never been subjected to the same sorts of questions. But he says the politically correct forces of the left see badgering a Christian over his faith as perfectly OK.

"What earthly or celestial difference does it make who believes what, really?" Jim asks in the latest edition of the Jim Gearhart Show podcast, which comes out every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and the New Jersey 101.5 app. "We're talking about beliefs. Now, putting things into practice is another matter. But you can believe anything that you really want. The important thing is the existential predicaments of mankind, I would think — personkind, sorry about that — and the inevitability that we'd better get our acts together before our mutual annihilation, which, if you watch cable television, you will know is imminent."

In that case, Jim says, "certainly all theology is moot, and there's nobody left to believe anything."

But how's that get us to the Antichrist?

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