Aren't you sick and tired of being told to feel guilty about your faith, your patriotism, maybe even you race? What happened to the melting pot in American where black, white and everything in between could work together for the common goal of prosperity and freedom?

Seems at every turn there is someone complaining about American history and trying to make people feel bad about who they are. Enough of the corporate cowards.

Enough of the complicit and corrupt corporate media.

Enough of the weak and cowardly school boards bending to the will of a few whiners who would know a history book if it hit them in the face. For years, I've taken up the fight to defend a great historical figure, Christopher Columbus.

For years, people have been trying to unjustly disparage a man who courage and strength are part of the foundation of our great country.

For years the voices of reason and historical accuracy have been silenced by cancel culture which is both ignorant and deceitful.

Most recently the Randolph BOE decided to cancel the names of ALL holidays, presumably not to offend anyone. Well, it backfired. Many parents fought back, calling out the cowards on the board.

One group, the Italian American One Voice Coalition, joined in to help the fight, after filing a lawsuit against another town in NJ for taking down a statue of Columbus.

Executive Board Member Andre DiMino joined me on the show to discuss the next steps in the fight.

Listen to that conversation here.

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