Since I started broadcasting as your host in the morning back in 2015, I’ve spread a consistent message about how important it is to understand context and history that is critically important when it comes to the often vilified hero, Christopher Columbus.

Let’s face it, we know that most of the haters and destroyers in our society are ignorant of the history that they want to wreck. They act on emotion pushing a current political agenda instead of understanding the reason that they have the ability to express and feed themselves is because of the sacrifices of courageous heroes who came before them. Columbus is one of them.

The first lesson is that the historical context should be the lens we use to judge actions from hundreds of years ago.

Put Christopher Columbus in the context of his day, consider the risks he faced and the reality of the new world he encountered, and then celebrate what it means for western civilization today. – Bill Spadea, 2015

The second take away is that the argument against Columbus leaves out many facts.

Today’s academics teach about the peace loving nature of the early Americans, glossing over a savage history that when put into context explains a lot about the tension and aggression that took place in the 15th century.

It’s also important to understand that Columbus’ men were wiped out from the first voyage in 1492 as Columbus discovered on his return trip in 1493.

It’s disingenuous and wrong to teach the next generation anything but that actual truth of the events that took place 500 years ago. – Bill Spadea, 2016

Much of the criticism is based on exaggerations from a questionable source, and the peacemaking portion of his actions are completely ignored by today’s PC academics.

The bottom line is that Columbus did not wipe out the indigenous population as critics claim. He did not pursue genocide against peaceful people. Actually quite the opposite. He made alliances with the indigenous Taino Indians and they fought side by side against the cannibals of the local Carib tribes. What's even more interesting is that it's clear that the claims of genocide seems to be largely based on the writings of Bishop Bartolome de las Casas who was a fierce advocate for indigenous tribes. He also had a reputation for exaggeration. His numbers feeding the genocide frenzy also don't compare with several census counts taken after Columbus departed.- Bill Spadea, 2017

We’ve lost our way as a nation when we fail to admire and celebrate the toughness of the past which have enabled us to survive so long as a free and prosperous nation.

Christopher Columbus unfortunately is on the receiving end of ignorant attacks from the PC crowd every October, but is one of the greatest men to have lived. Courage, sacrifice, vision and toughness rounded out his ability to do things that have had a profound impact on our nation and the world. – Bill Spadea, 2018

Columbus was a symbol of the diversity of our American culture. Did you know the KKK was one of the most outspoken groups opposing the holiday?

Bottom line. Thank you Christopher Columbus. Thank you for your service to civilization. Thank you for standing up to the detractors and nay-sayers of your day. Thank you for the courage to take on a voyage that most would never be able to handle. – Bill Spadea, 2019

Columbus is as important to our history as the Founders. As a matter of fact, Karl Marx blamed Columbus for making capitalism possible.

Not only was Columbus a great man who, in the words of Marx, made capitalism possible, but his courage and determination led to the spread of Western Civilization, which forged the greatest nation on earth. – Bill Spadea, 2019

Every year I have been on the air I take the time to research, write and celebrate one of the great historical figures who made America possible. Please take a minute to have your kids read the actual history and help them see through the America-hating propaganda of the ignorant forces focused on tearing down our great nation and culture.

For some reason, Christopher Columbus is often the target of angry people who clearly skipped history classes when they were in school.

Columbus is one of the great historical figures responsible for changing the world for the better. Every year around Columbus Day, I task myself with writing an article to explain his accomplishments in order to educate people and hopefully preserve the appropriate holiday and monuments dedicated to what he represents for Italian Americans and Americans in general. – Bill Spadea, 2020

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