You know protecting the accuracy of history and making sure that great historical figures are put in context of their times is a huge deal with me. Columbus in particular is the subject of irrational and ignorant attacks from people who think they are speaking for a new 'woke' generation.

Not only was Columbus a great man who, in the words of Marx, made capitalism possible, but his courage and determination led to the spread of Western Civilization, which forged the greatest nation on earth. In addition to his incredible historical accomplishments, he became a symbol for Italian Americans in this country to rally around after so many decades of discrimination and hardship adjusting to the new world, all detailed in articles I have written over the years about the day and what it means to those of us with Italian blood, Even me with only 17%, it's enough to fuel my fire against the PC mob!

Those of us speaking for normal people and pushing back against the thought tyranny of the Left are growing in numbers. Bob Bianchi, a former NJ county prosecutor, now defense attorney and regular panelist on my FoxTV show, Chasing News, joined me on Columbus Day to talk about action against the destruction of an important holiday.

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