That’s right, I’m already starting on the praise of Columbus in anticipation of the haters who would disparage him and his incredible legacy of courage and heroism.

Columbus Day is coming and already you hear the murmur of the haters who want to destroy the holiday or worse, rename it in honor of the indigenous people, many of whom attacked and viciously murdered the new European settlers.

Oh wait, they didn’t teach you about the cannibals Columbus encountered? Wait, they didn’t teach you about the peaceful Taino Indians who teamed up with Columbus in order to push back against the savage Caribe Indians? No way. *sarcasm intended*

Our education, media and political climate has become a cesspool of America-loathing misinformation. Parents need to start reading real history to their kids. Parents need to make a decision as to how much is too much regarding the push back from the cultural left that would disparage anyone who fought through incredible adversity to set up future generations for life, liberty and prosperity. Here are a few articles I’ve written about this great man over the years…

Context matters when evaluating historical figures.

Don’t forget that the Ku Klux Klan opposed Columbus Day as a holiday.

Why you should celebrate.

If you’re gonna rename it…West Civilization Expansion Day is appropriate!

Bottom line. Thank you Christopher Columbus. Thank you for your service to civilization. Thank you for standing up to the detractors and nay-sayers of your day. Thank you for the courage to take on a voyage that most would never be able to handle.

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