That's right, I stand with Columbus.

I opened the show on Monday wishing everyone a Happy "Western Civilization Expansion Day!" which I coined in 2016 defending Columbus against the onslaught of attacks from the radicals in academia and the media.

Christopher Columbus unfortunately is on the receiving end of ignorant attacks from the PC crowd every October, but is one of the greatest men to have lived. Courage, sacrifice, vision and toughness rounded out his ability to do things that have had a profound impact on our nation and the world.

The good news this year was that the the same crowd that relentlessly disparages the explorer, were totally preoccupied with their emotional and irrational attacks on now Justice Kavanaugh and seemingly forgot to pay attention to Columbus. These are the same people who look for the flaws in every historical figure and use that as an excuse to tear them down. I wonder if there is any historical figure who has contributed to capitalism and human liberty who this crowd wouldn't take issue with.

The good news is cooler, rational and mature head prevailed. And this week we get a two-fer — Justice Kavanaugh will take his seat on the highest court and we got to celebrate a holiday honoring one of the more important contributors to our nation and heritage. Thanks Columbus!

In case you were taught to disparage Columbus in school, or you've just heard negative media reports mindlessly attacking him, here's a link to my article last year. Learn a few facts and FIGHT BACK!

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