Jo Smith was named as one of the ten rising Country Music stars "you need to know" by Rolling Stone Magazine. We were happy to have her in studio Friday before her performance at Anchors Bend in Asbury Park.

She played her new single "American Summer" and really showcased her talent, living up to the description from Rolling Stone. A rising star for sure. But the best part had to be the early Christmas gift...a pound of pork roll!

We did have a brief conversation about the awkward proper term according to the owners of Case Pork Roll. It's called a chub. No one has ever really satisfactorily answered how they came up with the term. Although I did ask the owner of Case Pork Roll last year at the pork roll eating challenge and he said, something to the effect of "...that's just what they call it." Anyway, it was a great breakfast. Thanks Jo!

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