At it again. After the shocking news that my 302 million to one chance of winning Friday’s Megamillions didn’t pan out, I bought more chances for Tuesday’s drawing. Once again we took calls from people who would like a $2 million cut if the unthinkable actually happens.

Jeff Deminski photo

The only stipulation we make when we do these lottery wishlists is they have to give us one selfish, fun thing they would do with some of the money.

Calls were coming in with the predictable, like James who would travel the world and Catherine who would take cruises.

Then they became unpredictable. Such as Vicki, who would open a school to teach dogs how to surf. No, that’s not a typo. Weirdest thing is she has no idea how to surf herself. Then there was Matthew who would pay Ozzy Osbourne to do a private show and jam with him on stage. Helen would rent out Disney World for a day and treat homeless people. (Wouldn’t they rather an apartment?) Let’s not forget Kathleen, who apparently has a thing for Neil deGrasse Tyson. She wants to go up on a space shuttle with him, and only him, alone. Hmmm.

Whatever your dream, good luck to everyone holding a ticket in New Jersey.

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