Okay kids, gather ‘round. Uncle Jeff has a question. Take a look at the 4 pictures below and tell me what I’m looking at.

I was walking along my street on Saturday morning taking my 4-year-old boy for a stroll. About five houses down I come across this thing in the street. Nothing else around it. I first picked it up just because it looked like something metal and I didn’t want any neighbors or myself driving over it and doing any car or tire damage.

Once in my hand it was smoother than I guessed, then I realized it resembles a bullet.

Did Deminski just find a bullet on his street?

So yeah, I’m a dope. I’m not at all convinced this is a bullet I found on my quiet street but I’m unable to guess what else it could be. Come on gun folks; tell me why this can’t be a bullet and what else it might be. Help me solve this!

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