This unprecedented health crisis has brought out a lot of good in people. Masks are being made and donated by the thousands by ordinary people. Some are checking on elderly neighbors if they need groceries. People by and large are being more patient and more understanding with each other.

It’s also bringing out the jerks.

Those who are violating executive orders about large gatherings. The selfish who are having family or friends over their homes when they’re not supposed to. Then there’s the problem I witnessed one day this week.

I pulled over in the middle of a phone call with my mom. I have a hands free synch system but I needed to read something to her off my phone and that would mean eyes off the road. So I pulled into a parking lot of a grocery store for a couple minutes.

As I talked to her I noticed some major littering. When I hung up I jumped out of the car long enough to take these pictures.

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These latex gloves were all within 20 feet of where I parked. Shoppers are leaving stores and stripping gloves off their hands and just tossing them to the ground. Masks sometimes too. If they’re not going to reuse them would it be so difficult to throw them away properly? Is this just laziness? Are they afraid to have their hands near the trash can? I assume they’ll use hand sanitizer as soon as they’re back in the car anyway.

So I’m at a loss as to why people think this is okay. Working in a grocery store is not a glory job to begin with. They’re scared right now being around huge numbers of people with such a contagious virus loose. Should they really have to then pick up all your possibly contaminated gloves because you think you can throw them on their property?

Grow up people. Think of others. That’s what the rest of us are trying to do.

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