Imagine my surprise when I found this left on my front steps. A small gift bag with ‘Sisterhood Of The Traveling Beer’ inked in feminine writing.

W. T. F?

Looking inside I found all this.

Mystery bag
Jeff Deminski photo

Yep. Some alcohol. Left on our porch. Santa? Are you making an out-of-season appearance? No, as my wife explains it she joined some kind of Facebook group recently where during the pandemic and boredom of stay at home orders women began “fairy dusting” houses with some Mother’s Little Helper. Apparently you post what you’d like to drink and then a total stranger in the group might surprise, or “fairy dust” you by leaving it anonymously at your door. The only stipulation is it’s understood if someone gifts you, you then have to do the same for another stranger in the group.

So this “fairy dusting” isn’t really the work of a just-when-you-needed-her Alcohol Fairy but rather the work of other fed up stressed out women tired of the pandemic grind.

Is there a “bro dusting” equivalent where you can request Jack Daniels and cigars?

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