In a place like Jersey that has lots of legislation to protect animals no one better try to market this diabolical contraption here. We have had bills in the legislature that would require doggie seat belts in cars, that would ban declawing cats, that would get people in trouble for keeping their pets outside if it's too hot or too cold, etc.. But this machine is downright horrifying.

It's basically a cat washing machine. You know how cats hate water, and therefore it's extremely difficult to bathe them? Some genius came up with this Pet Spa. You open the door and throw the cat inside. Close the door and fiddle with a few settings. Next thing you know your cat is in the middle of a rinse cycle from Hell.

Look at the panic this poor creature is going through. I'm not even a cat person but I want to jump right through the screen, hit the emergency stop button and put a beatdown on whoever thought this was a good idea.

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