If you're like most people your mailbox these days is filled with ad fliers and offers, most of which you just toss in the trash, uh make that recycle bin. It's summertime. I like ice cream. So, when I saw this ad for a new ice cream, I gave it a look.

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Not because I was looking for a discount on a frozen after dinner treat. I have my own favorites and a great ice cream shop down the street. No, I kept it and read it because I thought it was a horrible name for an ice cream. You want to lure people into buying something they think would be delicious, out of this world and amazing.

Thrifty? That's the name of your ice cream? That is what you want me to buy? Maybe paper towels or bathroom cleaner, but not ice cream. What idiots came up with that name for a new ice cream? Well, it's not new and it is named after the Thrifty drug store chain from Southern California.

It turns out back in the 1920s, Thrifty became well-known out there for their amazing ice cream recipe and flavors. The chain was bought out by Rite Aid in 1996 and the chain carried it in some of its stores nationwide, and especially in SoCal where it is legendary.

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So, the mystery is solved. The name now makes sense. I tried the Chocolate Malted Crunch which contains chocolate ice cream and crushed malted milk balls. Yeah, I know. It's freakin amazing. We already have too many food choices in our grocery stores, which my foreign friends point out to me all the time. They may be right, but I think we can make an exception and room for one more.

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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