So, my nightmare week continues. First the mouse attack in Bergen County, then the maggots in the hoagie story, and today we have: Cannibals!

The BBC is reporting that a couple in Russia is suspected of killing up to 30 people and then eating them. I have always been fascinated by cannibals, probably because it so taboo. Or maybe it’s because I was raised Catholic and was told I was eating the body of Christ every week at mass.

I don’t know, but back to the Russia story, police are reported to have found plastic bags filled with dismembered body parts and “meat pieces of unknown origins”. A cell phone was found with graphic images on it, including a picture of a severed head being served with fruit. I want to know why they did it. Is the taste of human flesh so delicious that they risked imprisonment? And, how did this couple find each other? Is there a cannibal dating site? Who brings up the cannibalism and how? I’ll be watching this case closely.

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