Yesterday we had the story of the marauding Home Depot mouse in Hackensack, today we have the story of the maggot infested hoagie!

According to NJ1015's Adam Hochron, a man stopped at a Wawa in Ewing to get a sandwich and when he got home, he discovered live writhing maggots in his sandwich. This is important, he only found the maggots after he started eating it! He actually tried to make himself throw up to rid his body of any maggots he may have ingested. Can you imagine the revulsion you would feel at possibly eating maggots?

There is precious little in life that is as immediately stomach turning as a mass of nasty squirming maggots. I almost threw up when I saw some in my trash can once, so eating them would be a whole new level of horror. If that were me, I would never be able to eat another sandwich for the rest of my life. On the plus side, Wawa refunded the purchase price of the hoagie.

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