A lot of New Jerseyans are recoiling today at the story about a guy who got a sandwich at Wawa only to find out at home there were maggots inside it. And yes, he had started eating it. In fact Bill Doyle was so unnerved, he wrote about his 'nightmare week' continuing. And this was only Tuesday.

Well if you feel the maggots in the hoagie story was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet! For your viewing pleasure we offer the Top 20 worst things ever found in people's food. How about a tongue eating parasite found in tuna? Or a rat's foot found in sausage? (That one was just for Bill.) Or maybe a snake's head in green beans?

Here's the video. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now if you can rival or top any of these (and I bet you can't) feel free to leave your story in the comment section!

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