Did you ever think you'd see the day when you'd be charged for a bag in New Jersey? Add free bags when shopping to the list of things you always thought would be there. But in this ever changing world in which we live in, more and more things we took for granted continue to disappear. Here are a few more we came up with... along with my comments.

John Kensil: "Milkmen, Pretzel and Potato chip delivery guys"... Charles Chips were the best!

Chris Hayes: "Interpersonal shoe salesman. Measured you, brought out several styles."

Kathy Amdur: "Buying shoes, sitting, having your feet measured and someone helping you"... If only Al Bundy knew how appreciated he really was...

Anthony E Richardson: "The trash man actually put your cans back on your yard or inside your fence"... That really happened?

Carolyn Dee: "Dialing a phone number and having an actual person answer the phone"... Number 1 on my list!

Eric Jensen: "Getting bread at a restaurant, without having to ask for it"... Why would they ever stop doing that?

Kathleen Higgins Munafo: "The Avon lady"... I can still hear the chimes

Chris Eppolito: "The mosquito sprayer truck!!!"... Nothing says summer like getting sprayed with DDT as you chased the truck on your bike!

Dave Bell: "Banks that didn't charge for everything."

Scott Soffen: "Decent govt."... Did we ever really expect that??

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