UPDATE: An irate neighbor of the dentist with the Playboy bunny decorations has taken it upon herself to start taking the mannequins down. See the video below courtesy of Pix 11 reporter Andrew Ramos.

Chaos in Clifton!

"So tonight I drove past the 'scary' house on the corner of Grove and Robin Hood with my teenage daughter...we both were shocked!" This was a Facebook message about a dentist's lawn decorations for Easter in the town of Clifton. It seems the dentist, Wayne Gangi, likes Easter bunnies, just not the normal kind. He dresses up mannequins as sexy Playboy Bunnies and has them center stage on the lawn. Fishnets, lingerie and of course the classic Playboy Bunny ears.

He does the same kind of thing with his mannequins for other holidays, like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. According to Councilman William Gibson, a lot of neighbors are fed up with it and have been complaining.

I would never do this. It's just kind of immature. But if it's not violating any existing laws then I don't see the town stepping in. I would chalk this up to one nutjob in the neighborhood and try to ignore it. A guy like this is probably getting off on upsetting people.

Judging from the photo and video above, do you think this is over the line?

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