As many of you who have listened to my show for the last 26 years here on New Jersey 101.5 you know that most of my jokes are my obsession with donuts. I can’t help it; I transform into Homer Simpson and start sniffing around for the taste and smell of donuts.

While every diet I’ve been on gets in the way of my donut indulgence, I try to behave myself when approaching donut euphoria. It’s tough but I try.

The donut is so celebrated here in this country that it has two national days. Christmas and Thanksgiving only have one but yet the donut is celebrated on the first Friday of June and November. What a great country. With that said, here in New Jersey, we have some outstanding donut shops. I’d like to share my favorite places with you.

I also would like to hear from you on other donut shops that I haven’t tried and that you enjoy. In no particular order here are my favorites:

Glaze Donuts New Milford, NJ West Caldwell, NJ Fort Lee, NJ

Walk into Glaze Donuts and you see everything from the classic donuts to artisan donuts to specials. The choices are many and the quality is very good. I don’t know how they create so many choices.

Chester’s Pastry Pantry Bakery Somers Point, NJ

Primarily known for their sticky buns which are unbelievable, they also have great donuts. While most shore bakeries shut down for the winter, Chester’s is open Christmas Day for those that want the freshest pastries that they have to offer. The smell at Chester’s when you walk in is awesome; it awakes my senses and creates my donut euphoria.

Kohler’s Bakery Avalon, NJ

For 73 years Kohler’s has been cranking out some outstanding donuts and pastries. It is a drive for me and I’ve made a special trip to indulge in their goodness. The jelly donuts and cream donuts are very good. Worth the trip.

Uncle Dood’s Donuts Toms River, NJ

Uncle Dood’s has won several “best of” competitions. I’m here to tell you that they deserve it. The cinnamon sugar donut is really good and while they have a big selection of donuts to choose from you can always create your own, which I don’t do because if I had to make those choices it would make my head explode. If you get into Toms River get over to Uncle Dood’s.

Broad Street Dough Shop Oakhurst, NJ

I stumbled into Broad Street Dough Shop and was overwhelmed at the choices and the artistry of each donut. They were masterfully created and when I bit into one the taste of the donut matched the beauty of its look. The donuts are very good here and you’ll be glad to enjoy the ambience.

attachment-Plainfield Donut Shop

Plainfield Donut Shop Plainfield, NJ

I’ve had some great jelly donuts and the jelly donuts at the Plainfield Donut Shop are some of the best of the best. They are very good. They are worth trying, trust me you will not be disappointed.

Top That Donuts Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Rutherford, NJ

While I am not a huge fan of custom made donuts, Top That makes it easy for me to decide. I found myself adding a little more of this and a little more of that and you needed a back hoe to get them out of the store. They are very good. The donuts are so good that they recently opened a new location in Rutherford.

Beignets Denville, NJ

I originally wanted to check out the beignets because I’ve been to New Orleans quite a few times. Fuhgetaboutit! Their donuts are very, very good. They have both the traditional already made donuts or you can make your own. The beignets by the way are very good and as a side, so is their coffee.

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