Many people in New Jersey expected to have a recreational marijuana bill passed into law by now, but there have been a few hitches this past year. One of which is provided by my friend Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion, who claims the current bill is, yes, racist!!! Well what isn't these days? You may recall that he was imprisoned for almost a year and a half, for basically nothing. I believe he was being held for being a pain in the ass, and he is one. But the last time anyone checked, being a pain in the ass is not against the law.

He has been emboldened after his release this past summer and in September was selling and smoking weed in front of the Statehouse.

It's a bit hysterical and a little troubling. It's funny to watch him sell and smoke weed in front of state troopers AT THE STATEHOUSE! But sad that he has to resort to using the race card further pushing a wedge between white and black people, by saying the bill favors "rich white men." The bill excludes people with a criminal record, and that excludes NJ Weedman, and many others of ALL colors.

I've told him before that the only color involved in this bill and the state's motives, is green. MONEY!!! If you're black, Asian, Latino, Indian, whatever, if you have the money to invest and follow the proper route, you're in. But here's the fun part. The fact that he's crying racism normally wouldn't get much attention, BUT it's got the attention of Governor Phil "King of the White Guilt Society" Murphy.

He knows that is a useful weapon in the fight for "social justice" and power. Why he even used it against me and Judi this summer in order to silence a frequent critic of his. If you can't win your argument with facts, or even all the money you have, then use the nuclear option of calling your opponent racist. It's the weapon of choice amongst all good progressives, and I'm getting immense joy at watching how Murphy will untwist this little pretzel of a problem he has on his hands. Will he sign a bill that is inherently racist? Even though it's not, the folks he hangs out with and panders to, just might agree with good ole NJ Weedman! I hope you see the mouth watering, luscious, delicious irony here, that I do.

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