OK, OK, I said I would put it out there for our listeners to decide. Since I have refused to wear a mask as my own protest to the absurdity of the mask mandates, I’ve been unable to get a proper haircut.

Granted, I could’ve shaved, but decided to grow a beard instead. As far as the haircut, the poll results were pretty clear that a haircut is in order. Although a significant majority (if you combine two answers) are in favor of keeping the beard.

Bill Spadea's haircut results
Bill Spadea's haircut results

So that’s it. My haircut is scheduled for next week. Of course I won’t be wearing a mask. Yes, I have someone coming to the house. Of course this speaks to another problem in our current climate. How many people are forced to make up lost income because of the absurd social distance rules preventing full capacity in our salons? How much revenue is lost for the business owners? How will this impact tax revenue?

As you know, the more the government convinces people to be fearful of one another, the fewer businesses that rely on social interaction will survive. That said, I’ve been consistent with my opposition to wearing a mask. Simply not going to wear someone else’s fear and ignorance on my face. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to continue doing the things you need to do without complying with arbitrary government mandates. But the toll on honest people will be tremendous. And the exodus that began years ago from our over-taxed, over-regulated state will hit a fever pitch very soon.

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