So the votes are in and a plurality of our listeners have weighed in that I should cut my hair. As a matter of fact, nearly 4 in 10 (39%) are done with the whole pony tail thing. That said, 35% were in favor of my pushing the envelope of what is considered "professional," grooming in my public business. Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) are in favor of my keeping the beard. So the compromise is in play.

I’m going to get a haircut before Labor Day. Of course I won’t wear a mask so I’m gonna need a workaround, but by the first week in September, I may start to resemble the corporate guy who left the business world to get into media. The whole thing got me thinking though, our government is working hard to hurt local business and put up roadblocks for future revenue. Since I’m not heading into a salon, I refuse to wear someone’s fear and ignorance on my face, I’ll either cut my hair myself or have someone come to the house.

Anybody else notice that the governor’s hair was well trimmed throughout the shutdown? The governor’s incompetence and hypocrisy aside, how many will find a way to workaround the current "rules?" I’m certainly not alone. How many stylists will be taking their craft door to door and working for cash? How much revenue is lost for the local businesses and the tax collectors? Meanwhile, we still have Trenton elites scaring people with a so-called "spike" in cases of coronavirus. Despite the overwhelming evidence that in other states who have seen similar "spikes." It has no impact on the medical system, people are being treated, at least the handful who are actually sick instead of healthy with a positive test.

We have overwhelming evidence that young people are not "super-spreaders" so the vulnerable population is not compromised because teens are partying at the beach. We have a virus that leading experts have said for months nearly everyone would be exposed at some point. It simply spreads to fast to contain, not unlike the common cold. Which by the way, coronavirus is responsible for 1 in 5 colds every season. The masks are an expression of government’s goal to "look busy." Problem is they are doing it at the expense of our health.

It is simply not healthy to wear a mask all day as they are requiring of our teachers and kids. Many parents rightfully making other plans. We started this crisis with a solid goal of slowing the spread long enough to make sure our hospitals were able to handle the capacity of sick people. Limiting large gatherings which could have resulted in a spike in symptomatic people may have been a smart move. It’s what the Swedes did successfully.

Beyond that, the new culture of masking and indefinite social distance is killing our economy and ignoring the reality that there are far greater risks in life than coronavirus. As a matter of fact, if you’re younger and relatively healthy, you are unlikely to be adversely affected by the virus. But out of work, in debt and left vulnerable to every other risk in the world including drugs, violence and poverty? Well those are real risks that  are on the rise.

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