Football is in at the Trevelise household and Sunday we took the show on the road to the NFL Experience!  After a touch football game on my lawn which my sons Lennon, Albert, and their friends dubbed the "Side Yard League" with New Jersey 101.5 backup producer Tommy Farrell who played college football at Stonehill. We headed into the van with intern Mikey Nichols and his dad Steve and headed to New York.

Special thanks to Eric Legrand who was able to secure us passes. The NFL Experience is a blast for pro football fans, young and old. There are cases filled with memorabilia on each team and a film where the seats you're sitting in move to the experience. It even snows in the theater while you're watching it on screen.

We also got to show off our vertical jump, hit the sleds, and throw to our favorite team's receivers! ...(video above.) I hit Odell two out of three times. There are also several backdrops including the Good Morning Football set where Albert and Lennon sat as Dad predicted their future. A great time was had by all!

If you're a football fan, you should definitely check this out. I'm guessing that there will soon be one in every major city. At least every one that has an NFL team.

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