A new survey finds New Jersey is tops in the nation — when it comes to walking around without bottoms (well, or tops). 

What do you do at home in the nude? No, we don't mean THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter.
What do you do at home in the nude? No, we don't mean THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Real Estate company Trulia partnered with Whisper — an online community in which participants share their thoughts anonymously — and found New Jerseyans are more likely to parade around in the nude at home than people in any other state.

It may not have been the world's most (ahem) rigorous study, but it sure caught our attention.

“New Jersey came in No. 1 for the most likely to be nude at home, they are an astonishing 142 percent more likely to be nude at home than their counterparts in Louisiana, which comes in second,” said Laura Emery, a Trulia representative.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. After all, our own Judi Franco of Dennis and Judy coined the term #nudejersey (sorry,the hashtag hasn't really taken off ... yet) during a visit from frequent guest host Bill Spadea earlier this summer:

It turns out the respondents in the survey indicated they enjoy doing all sorts of things at home in the buff.

“We have a few exact quotes from people,” Emery said. “One is 'sometimes when I’m home alone I choreograph naked dances throughout my house.' Others are 'when I’m home alone I love to run naked and in my house and pretend I’m a horse,' and 'I’m naked so much at home that when my dog sees me put on clothes, she gets excited because she knows we’re going somewhere.'”

The survey was part of a Trulia “Truly Home” campaign.

“The idea was to unveil the most bizarre unapologetic things that people do at home, focusing on how people feel comfortable and do a little bit of zany stuff when they feel truly at home and comfortable," said Emery.

After New Jersey and Louisiana, the states with the highest percentage of people who marched around naked at home were Mississippi, South Carolina, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

So why do people in Jersey like to run around naked in their own homes? No one seems to be sure.

“I can’t say,” said Emery. “I think it’s probably just because there are some awesome people there.”

Do you hang around your home naked? What do you do in the buff (besides the obvious) Tell us about it in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @NJ1015.

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