The New Jersey Lottery has announced all the anonymous winners of more than a million dollars for the first quarter of 2021, and a lot of Garden State residents got richer. Players who win $599.99 or less from the New Jersey Lottery can claim their prize at any of the Lottery’s nearly 7,000 retailers and be paid immediately in cash. Players who win $600.00 or more must file a claim with the Lottery. Each month, the New Jersey Lottery receives approximately 4,000 claims.

There are a couple of really big ones; the two biggest were both Powerball wins. Someone in Morris County picked up a cool $33.2 million and one Passaic County was lucky enough to hit on a #23.2 million winner. An anonymous player in Hunterdon County claimed a $6.7 million Pick Six prize in January and another lucky player in Monmouth County won $4 million playing a scratch-off game called 200X The Money Bonus.

Camden and Passaic Counties each had three big winners in the first quarter (a $1000 a week for life winner and a $23 million Powerball in Passaic and three $1 million winners in Camden County). The Lottery says that the 200X game had three winners and that’s it until 2022. The winners were purchased in Cedar Grove, Keyport, and Browns Mills. Winners had their choice of taking the $4 million in 25 annual $160,000 payments or a lump sum of $2,937,300. According to the Lottery, on the average, better than one ticket in four wins a prize.

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