Move over, pumpkin pie, this ice cream may replace you as a Thanksgiving dessert staple.

The Bent Spoon in Princeton has once again proven that there are no rules when it comes to ice cream flavors. To quote Lindsay Lohan's character in "Mean Girls:" The limit does not exist.

In time for Thanksgiving, they've released their stuffing flavored ice cream.

That's right. Stuffing. It's not just a side dish anymore!

Now, I like stuffing. Ice cream is fine. But I have to admit, this combination threw me for a loop! Check out this tasty treat.

The masterminds at The Bent Spoon combined celery, sage, and mushroom ice cream (who knew that could be a thing??) with chocolate-covered breadcrumbs swirled throughout.

This isn't even the most ambitious flavor they've come up with this year. Over this past summer, they took advantage of the cicada infestation and created Cicada Chocolate Chip ice cream made of the pests!

It's creativity like this that proves The Bent Spoon earned the title of "best ice cream in New Jersey." This isn't their first rodeo, after all: They have been serving Princeton since 2004 and are proud to use local & organic ingredients.

Earlier this week I wrote about a pizza place that was serving a Thanksgiving flavored slice with turkey and cranberries. What is going on with the crazy Thanksgiving food this year? Have we all gone bonkers because of the pandemic? Do we need to get this crazy with our food now?

I guess this is the "new normal" we heard so much about, and it's delicious!

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