To quote Jeff Goldblum’s character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, in "Jurassic Park," “your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Barstool Sports' tweet about a Thanksgiving-flavored pizza slice from a crazed pizzeria in Buffalo, New York.

No disrespect to Buffalo, I know they know food, at least when it comes to chicken wings, but just LOOK at this.

Has science gone too far?

Macy’s Place Pizzeria had the audacity to put out this slice in time for Thanksgiving. Is this something you would allow on your dinner table as a born and raised New Jerseyan?

Think about it….

Cranberries? On pizza??

Dare we tarnish a precious slice with mounds of turkey?

If so, at what cost?

Now listen, I’m no puritan when it comes to pizza. I’ve been known to enjoy a slice of penne vodka pizza, even though people tend to stick their nose up at pasta on pizza.

Buffalo chicken pizza? Yes, please! Let me at it!

Hell, I’ll admit it, I’m even one to eat my pizza with a fork and knife instead of the traditional way of folding it and letting the grease drip down my hands.

But a full thanksgiving dinner tossed onto pizza dough? Blasphemous. Does tradition mean nothing?

Zoom in on the picture of that slice and tell me that your stomach isn’t turning.

Corn has many great uses in this world: mazes, breads and popped. But surrounded by various fixings on a pizza? No thank you.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Would you allow this on your dinner table?

Or am I missing the ultimate “Jersey” way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Let us know in our poll below.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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