The owners of a gyro shop in Bloomfield were fined $1,000 for trying to find the best person to fill a job position. Their sin was putting a sign up in their storefront saying, "males only." The manager of NJ Gyro King, whose family has operated the business there for three years, claims he has absolutely nothing against women, and he would consider a qualified woman if one applied. But it's HIS business. He knows what works best and he knows who he wants to work there. He was interviewed and explained himself plainly and clearly. It requires some heavy manual labor and HE felt a male was the best choice. Seems pretty innocent and sensible to most people.

But the holier than thou agitator who posted the sign on Facebook and started the trouble a month and a half ago, claims it sends the wrong message to girls like his daughter and it's wrong. I have a daughter who played ice hockey and grew up with two brothers and she'd be the first to tell you that this is nonsense. The business didn't do anything wrong.

Well the state disagreed and the Attorney General's Office levied a $1000 fine for the owner not wording the sign properly. Does ANYONE working for the state know how many gyros Amir Ahmad would have to sell to make up that thousand bucks? That's on top of the thousands small businesses have to send to the state each quarter just for the pleasure of staying in business in this God forsaken business unfriendly state. These people in state government have no idea what it takes to run a business and would be crying to their mommies after a week of trying.

This kind of nonsense and punitive action happens to small businesses every day in New Jersey, but doesn't get the attention this story did. The family is more than likely an immigrant family looking to fulfill the promise of the American dream, only to have the power of the state government stomp their boot on the necks of hard working people like the Ahmads. This isn't about protecting anyone's right or economic opportunity. It's a show. A show of self righteousness and power. Power over ordinary people like you and me.

This is a disgusting and outrageous display of out of control power and authoritarianism in the name of political correctness. The state could have asked them to more carefully word any signs in the future. The state could have processed any official complaint from a female applicant who felt aggrieved by the sign. They didn't do either. They just acted as the "mob" of social media social justice, self righteous cowards wanted them to.

A big victory for them and equal rights. Bulls***. It's a disgusting, virtue signaling message to all of us normal thinking, hard working, private sector shlubs, that regardless of intent or need or what is right, if you don't get in line, they're coming after you. And there's nothing you can do about it. Shame on the state again for punishing a hard working innocent family trying to make it, despite the state's boot on their necks.

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