This week's Songs of Silence video wound up being the gift that keeps on giving as far as prizes are concerned. It was brought to my attention that about 30 seconds into the video, a piece of food lands on my lip. It remains there for a while!

See for yourself:

So, along with having you guess which song we were singing, which was "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith, I wanted to give out baseball tickets to whoever came up with the best name for the food on my lip. Before we run down the top five, let me just say you guys made me crack up with these suggestions. Lots of clever people in New Jersey.

#5: Worf the Klingon – Anthony
I know little to nothing about Star Trek, but I know what a Klingon is, and that food certainly does cling on there for a while.

#4: Brutus Baconbits – Babs
Alliteration as far as the eye can see. Also, Brutus makes him sound intimidating.

#3: Lip Bizkit – Chris
Pretty self explanatory. Despite my disdain for Fred Durst, this name gave me a good laugh.

#2: Vocal Fly – Kevin
A play on the term to describe the low vocal register that many young people have picked up for some reason.

AND THE WINNER... (drum roll please)

#1: Aerospit – Craig
Not only great wordplay, but topical considering this week's song was an Aerosmith hit! Congrats Craig!

Thank you for all of the submissions on this. I could say I look forward to doing this again, but I think one gross video of me with food on my lip is enough for the world. If you want to play for fun and add a name of your own, leave it in the comment section below!

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