As we get closer to the holiday season, let this be your first Christmas miracle, whether you believe in Christmas or not.

Last June I brought my oldest and dearest friend Robbo Pisani whom I love like a brother and was badly in need of a kidney on New Jersey 101.5 to plead for one..

Pisani, a North Hudson Fire captain, who for as long as I'd known him would do whatever he could to help anyone in need, myself included, was hooking himself up to dialysis night after night. To watch him deteriorate was heartbreaking and when he came on the radio we prayed that someone would come through. Someone did.

An Angel named Melissa, a wife and mother, answered our prayers and offered to donate her kidney.

As Rob says "There are angels that walk the earth to help others and Melissa is one of them." They connected and after going through the qualifying process, the transplant was performed today at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston. Why would Melissa do such a beautiful giving thing for a total stranger?

"Everyday your body and mind tell you what is right for you to do. To be your true self.  Majority of the time, you only listen to your body/mind when it is negative, like when your sick or stressed type stuff.  When you do actually hear the positive, you ignore it since it could be an inconvenience or an uncomfortable situation for you. Thing is, this is you telling you what you need to be to better. To be all you are able (meant) to be. This isn’t an inconvenience, it’s an opportunity for Rob to continue to experience his daughters’ firsts instead of it being his last opportunity."

Robbo called me on the air after the surgery and it was all I could do not to break down and cry. We talked about the miracle of him getting a kidney and the angel that is Melissa who was kind enough to give him one. Afterwards the phones were filled with well wishers.

Now you would never think in a million years that a guy could go on the radio, ask for a kidney and get one, If that's the case, then you don't know New Jersey and New Jersey 101.5.

We can't thank Melissa enough both for giving Rob a kidney, and me the greatest moment in my career.

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