There's a heartwarming story about a Lakewood teacher who moonlights as a waitress at Woolley's Seafood Market in Howell. From Erin Vogt's story:

"Catherine Acampora-Nielsen, a teacher in the Lakewood School District, also spends time as a server at Woolley’s Seafood Market on Route 9 in Howell. Acampora-Nielsen on Sunday posted a photo of a couple's $70 check, on which they appeared to have left her a more than 140% tip of $100. Also handwritten on the bill was the message 'Thank you for teaching our kids — teachers shouldn't have to work weekends!'"

Would make a great movie but when you look further, teachers in New Jersey do all right as our report by Dino Flammia shows on teachers salaries across New Jersey shows, "LAKEWOOD TWP — Median salary: $53,773 — Top salary: $117,805." That's not bad money when you consider the incredible benefits, job-protecting tenure and summer and holidays off. That leaves plenty of time to make even more money if you can find a flexible job, say waitressing.

While I applaud the work ethic of Catherine Acampora-Neilsen, I find it a shame that so few of us can live in New Jersey on only one salary. I don't know how much money the person who left the tip makes, but the note should be amended to read, "Teachers shouldn't have to work weekends, but in New Jersey we have no choice!"

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