Nobody wants to go to work the day after the Super Bowl. Whether or not you're partying with friends, you're still watching the game, which ends close to if not past your bedtime with all the post-game presentations and conversations. Nobody wants to go to work after that and when you do, you'll probably spend more time talking about the game than getting any work done. That's why they should move the game to President's weekend.

Here's my plan. Expand the NFL season to 18 games. Start in mid-September and run right through President's Day weekend. Now we get two more Giants and Jets games a year, (God forbid they should make the playoffs). Then when the playoffs start they give us something to look forward to every weekend through the depressing months of January and half of February. This culminates in a 3 day Presidents/Super Bowl weekend. I believe our forefathers would have wanted it that way. Especially since their faces are on all the bills that will be bet during the game.

A three day President's day Super Bowl weekend makes the game even more of an event. You can plan a trip, Take advantage of all the President's Day sales and maybe buy a new TV to watch the game. Your parties can go deep into the night, especially after cleanup, and you've got all day Monday off to think and talk about the "Big Game."

Then on Tuesday you go back to work with football completely out of your system. Just in time for pitchers and catchers to report to spring training.

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