Should student athletes be protesting during the National Anthem? Absolutely not, and here's why.... Unlike the NFL player who already has his contract and his money, the student athlete is still trying to find their place in the pros or at least a college scholarship. Why risk the possibility on decision makers may who not agree with their anthem stance. It can also hurt down the line if they apply for a job where the decision maker doesn't agree with your politics.

It's not fair to put that kind of peer pressure on a student athlete anyway. They have enough to deal with balancing academics and their team. They shouldn't be forced to choose between their beliefs and supporting their teammates. How much personal experience do these athletes have with the issue? Is it worth risking your future for someone else's opinion? When Camden's Woodrow Wilson High School coach Preston Brown took a knee last year I wrote that it wasn't fair to his students to put them in that position.

If these young people really want to make a difference and wipe out social injustice, reach out, start a dialogue with the police in their town so that change can happen. That looks so much better on a resumé. In my opinion, you get much better results taking a stand than taking a knee and that's what we as parents should be teaching our children.

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