Suddenly, National Anthem posture during a game has become an issue to those involved. Athletes like Colin Kaepernick, the Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, even Camden High School have picked the policies they agree with in this country and chosen what they feel is an appropriate posture.

It's one thing when professionals do it, but it's another when Camden's Woodrow Wilson High School football coach, Preston Brown, does it. That coach has influence over his team and should not be using it or that platform to advance his politics. How many of those easily influenced kids just knelt as a form of solidarity with their coach?

I don't think it was fair to put that kind of pressure on his team. It's definitely divided them since not all players took that knee. I respect those two student players who stood while the anthem was playing. That took guts and it remains to be seen how they will be treated by their team mates and coach as the season progresses.

Perhaps Brown could research the exact issues that he has a problem with and teach his team in a private setting like say a classroom. Maybe, like Tony Dungy says about the NFL players, he could use his post game pulpit to talk about the issues that affect him, maybe even bring in a police person for an open discussion.

Your posture during the anthem is not going to effect change. If Brown and the Camden players are so concerned about the police issues, then they should either — as individuals or as a team — go talk to the police. They know where the station is. Get to know those people who protect them regardless of how they stand. Then go out into the community and provide a great example to their generation so that they don't end up in a confrontation with the police.

Some people actually go through their whole lives doing that. Join them!

What I don't understand is how any of the postures affect the change that their looking for. I'm not hearing anyone talking about the issues like President Obama said of Colin Kaepernick I'm only hearing people talking about the players. This works for them because NFL players who are used to having their butts kissed by fans, coaches, and money grabbers are made to think that it's all about them.

You know what I did during the National Anthem on the 15th anniversary of the events of Sept. 11? I remembered all those people who no longer get to make a posture choice, including the military and police. Here's hoping that you never forget.

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