Over the weekend Preston Brown, the head football coach of Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden decided to take a knee during the game's National Anthem and all but two of his players joined him.

I'm really riled up over this. Coach Brown's decision was a display of absolute ignorance. Some are defending this as a "peaceful protest." Would it have been a crisis if Coach

Streeter Lecka
Streeter Lecka

Brown knelt down with his players and prayed that everyone finished the game safe and unharmed?  That would have been a crisis because many don't want prayer in schools.

The other side of this, the ignorance, shame and stupidity of this coach is unbelievable. All of a sudden Coach Brown doesn't like the National Anthem and he doesn't want to stand? Too bad! If he has a job being funded by the taxpayers, he should show respect to the flag and what it stands for. Should he be fired? No, he doesn't need to be fired. Should he be shamed? Absolutely. He owes the town of Camden an apology.

It's only because of law enforcement patrols and protects the streets if towns like Camden, that Coach Brown's players are safe and able to play football. For you to disrespect that is like spitting in the eye of every law enforcement official who is keeping you and your players safe and making Camden a safer place. Yet, those Camden police officers will get up today and protect and serve the town, despite your ignorance.

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