It's been three years and the NFL still hasn't come up with an effective policy on what their players should do during the National Anthem. They did try. Now they should just let them do whatever they want. Those players who want to stand can stand, those who want to take a knee can take a knee, each owner can do what they want with the team they own. They have enough information that says the policy didn't affect their bottom line so what's the point of upsetting people no matter what you do? Now it's on the individual.

It doesn't even seem like everyone can agree on what the protest is about anyway. Is it police brutality and racial inequality? Is it we're not doing enough to help the community? That's the NFL spin when they show you the difference that they're making. I once thought protests were useless until I saw the league throw 90 million dollars at this one, or is it, the players and owners are upset at the president. At least that one will unite the two sides.

The fact of the matter is that the league has endured the fans best shot. Despite those who walked away, the game did not suffer and by the game I mean the bottom line. They've got a bigger problem with cord cutting.

Personally, I think the whole protest was ill conceived because it protested a problem at a time when patriotism was being celebrated. This caused the fans to confuse the issue and the players to spend too much time explaining that than advancing their cause. There is a time and place for everything and the National Anthem is a time for taking pride in our country.

If the players want to get their cause out there, whichever one it is, they would be better served passing out info at games, taking donations, or holding a rally on another day to focus on the issues and make even more money to defend them.

But the bigger fact is that no matter what the NFL and it's players do, when your team is playing, you'll be there watching, in a country where you can do so no matter how you feel about any of it. We thank those who fought and continue to fight to keep it that way.

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