I can't believe we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the New York Giants beating the Buffalo Bills 20-19 to win Super Bowl XXV.

We were in the middle of the Gulf War at the time and Americans came together to rally around the flag. It was Jan.27, 1991. All fans attending the game were subjected to bag searches and handheld metal detectors for the first time, which are now commonplace. Al Michaels called the game, while at the same time Peter Jennings called the war with reports after each quarter and halftime.

Who can ever forget New Jersey's own Whitney Houston's stirring version of the national anthem, followed by the thunderous applause both she and our flag received when she finished. It was a stirring moment that the millions who saw it around the world will never forget.

It's a shame that we can't remember it now at a time when we as a country really need to come together. Yes, we have our problem, but what we need is to find solutions. If kneeling for the anthem is a way to raise awareness, then what's the next step?

How much money needs to be donated to how many causes before we can all stand and respect our country again? I guess my question would be, will there ever be a time when we can find a solution to our problems? Or are we all condemned to just living with them?

Whatever happens though in the future with the national anthem, we will always have that moment in 1991 at Super Bowl XXV when America united and stood. I sincerely hope for all of us, that we can solve our problems and get back to the passion and feeling that those of who were around had that day.

Oh and by the way. The Giants won the game 20-19, making it even better!

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