A Camden High School football coach takes a knee for the National Anthem, then the Diocese of Camden says the school will suspend players two games who don't stand for the anthem.

Now, the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a National Anthem demonstration... remember when players used to plan for the game? That's old school. Today the Philadelphia Eagles players are working on a demonstration for the National Anthem that head coach Doug Pederson says he may join in on.

May I suggest "The Macarena?" How about "The Electric Slide?" Perhaps a Radio City Rockettes dance?

Play National Anthem Twister: it's only a matter of time before the NFL markets this along with National Anthem knee pads! "Make your statement with your team's logo"

Have we really reached the point where NFL players are now planning strategies for the National Anthem? Doesn't this divide the team? Are the Eagles really that good that this is what they should be focusing on? Somehow I can't imagine Bill Belichick doing this at Patriot practice.

Maybe they could stand and use the post game platform where everyone puts a microphone in their face to get their point across. Maybe they could visit with the police and understand what they're all about and set up dialogue. In Denver, Brandon Marshall took a knee, then met with police and now is standing.

I think that's the way to go if you're really looking to advance the ball.

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