Colin Kaepernick probably had no idea when he took a seat for the National Anthem in the San Francisco's first game that it would spark a national trend of kneeling and talking, mostly about players who like Kaepernick have taken a stand against what they call “social injustice.”

Personally, the only time I like my team kneeling is with a big lead as they're running out the clock to end the game. The Giants, after considering making a statement before their game against the Redskins, decided instead to meet with New York City Police Commissioner, James O'Neill, and work on solutions.

What's the solution to the National Anthem protests? Better yet, is there ever going to be one or has the National Anthem now evolved to what it's now going to be forever with players assuming a position based on their feelings week to week.

Since the protest began, whether justified or not, police shootings have continued. These will be followed by investigations, arrests, trials, verdicts, and possible appeals, which is the way we do things in this country. So what makes the protests stop?

Perhaps a special task force to deal specifically with police shootings that would get the information out there quicker so that everyone knows what's going on? Kind of like what Homeland Security does for terrorism. Would it be body cameras whose video can be quickly released so that there can be better transparency? Perhaps transparency? Or perhaps, the we just get used to the “new” National Anthem where people are now making a choice based on their feelings and not just blindly standing.

When you're home getting ready for the game, what are you doing while the National Anthem is being played?

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