Twenty-three law enforcement officers have been gunned down in 2020 and we’re not even halfway through the year. This is unacceptable violence against those who stand up and protect our communities every day.

It’s unacceptable that cops have again become the target of angry mobs across the nation. Anger that was justified specifically against the cops in Minneapolis involved in the killing of George Floyd. Anger now that has swelled into insanity as the calls to “defund the police” have become more than a rallying cry, with the Minneapolis City Council members actually announcing they intend to do just that.

As with many things fueled by the radical Left, the protests over George Floyd have gone way beyond rational thinking and justified purpose. The officers in the case have been charged and will face justice. But what about the violence spreading in our cities? What about those people of color who own businesses that have been destroyed by the looting and riots? What about the people of color who serve as police officers? And what about the cops who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our homes and families?

Who speaks for all of these people? Certainly not the current radicals hitting our streets, including the governor of New Jersey, who is perfectly willing to fan the flames of anti-cop hatred and do it while violating his own executive order.

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