We know that some people will do anything to make a buck.

But rent out your swimming pool to a group of strangers for the day?

That has been happening in Toms River, according to Mayor Tom Kelaher.

"We have received some complaints about people that are advertising or announcing that their pool is for rent for the day," he said. "That is absolutely prohibited by our code. When we get complaints we investigate them."

Kelaher said the ordinance, which was revised about a year ago to address Airbnb issues, specifically bans the rental of amenities.

"We have had our code enforcement guys just sitting there on overtime, doing surveillance like it was criminal activity, as well as relying on people to complain," he said.

He pointed out if several cars or a bus of strangers pulls up on a residential street, "it overcrowds the area. It’s certainly more than what you would anticipate in a private home with a private pool in the backyard."

Kelaher stressed violators face a stiff penalty — up to $2,000 and up to 90 days in jail or community service.

Kelaher said pools that are open to the public require lifeguards on duty and "there’s no evidence that anybody that permits this type of think has made any arrangements for lifeguards."

He added if you rent your house out for the summer and there happens to be a pool in the backyard, the renters can certainly use the pool. But daily pool rentals are a violation of local law.

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