Earlier this week my mom and I were fortunate enough to attend 'Springsteen on Broadway', a one man show put on by The Boss, that includes readings from his autobiography Born To Run, along with stripped down versions of some of his songs on acoustic guitar or piano. 'Springsteen on Broadway' is one of the toughest tickets in town. Tickets being resold on sites like Stubhub range from $595 to $3,700.

The show is unlike any other Bruce Springsteen performance I've ever seen. He weaves his stories into his music better than ever before. At times it felt like we were sitting in his living room listening to him talk. It was more emotional and personal than I ever expected. He opens up talking about how much of a fraud he is — how he has become a hero for the working class yet has never held a regular job. He even points out he never had to work five days per week until he started his Broadway residency. He talks about his relationships with his parents, band, wife, and the great state of New Jersey. All of this is intertwined with appropriate songs. Oh, and if you are wondering, he keeps the political talk to a minimum.

For me the most emotional moments of the night were when he was talking about his mother, and how strong their bond continues to be. He talks about her twice, the latter being about his mother's love for dancing, even seven years into her battle with Alzheimer's, before going into a slowed down gut wrenching rendition of 'Dancing In The Dark'. At one point, the woman seated next to us handed us tissues just in case we needed them. Bruce certainly knows how to tug at the heartstrings. An incredible intimate performance all around.

'Springsteen on Broadway' setlist:

1. 'Growin' Up'
2. 'My Hometown'
3. 'My Father's House'
4. 'The Wish'
5. 'Thunder Road'
6. 'The Promised Land'
7. 'Born in the U.S.A.'
8. 'Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out'
9. 'Tougher Than the Rest' (with Patti Scialfa)
10. 'Brilliant Disguise' (with Patti Scialfa)
11. 'Long Walk Home'
12. 'The Rising'
13. 'Dancing in the Dark'
14. 'Land of Hope and Dreams'
15. 'Born to Run'

— Joe Votruba

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