Too often the arrogant and ignorant members of the "thought-police" shut down free speech and free thinkers in an attempt to paint a narrative that Americans should be ashamed of our nation and our heritage. They often lie and distort facts to further their anti-American narrative that would have you believe that nothing was good in America until the Progressive-Left began preaching.

Hard to forget former First Lady Michelle Obama finally being proud of her country after her husband won eight primaries. This is a dangerous assault on patriotism and common sense.

New Jersey is perhaps in the worst spot with PC, far-left ideologues Phil Murphy and Gurbir Grewal in charge. But thanks to you, we're showing that we can fight back and win. Let's talk about the next steps.

This was going to be our topic for Tuesday's Facebook LIVE, but we had to cut it short. Yes, there was no audio at all. Thank you to those who let us know. But you can still just watch me talk......

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