Seriously, why do people love to observe and absorb everyone else's shortcomings and pain?  I watched the video, along with two million others, of the 28-year-old reporter from PHL-17 in Philly at her worst. She's crude, cursing and belligerent. The Philly cop showed remarkable restraint not arresting her sooner than he did.

Her behavior deserved punishment, even arrest and maybe even termination given that she's in a public business. That said, I'm truly disgusted with the guy who shot the video.  What did he gain?  Is he part of some "good behavior" vigilante group? Was he there to save television news from reporters who may behave badly after a few drinks? Was he there hoping to catch the cop being aggressive? What was his purpose? We do know what he accomplished.  The young woman is out of a job and publicly shamed for decades to come.  Do you think there's ever going to be a job interview in her future that doesn't start with ... "I saw that video... ?"

I'm disgusted with the voracious appetite of the public to consume videos of people at a low point in their life. Perhaps the rest of the young drinkers that night could say to themselves, "At least I didn't do THAT." Does the "punishment fit the crime?" She's got some serious charges to contend with and likely would've lost her job just based on the arrest and removal from the comedy club. But the video has made this incident which could have otherwise been attributed to a stupid drunken night, even a youthful indiscretion, into a permanent part of this young woman's future.

Even after the woman's boyfriend asked politely for him to stop filming the guy continued.  Shame on him. What a jerk. I wonder how many of us can say there has never been a regrettable incident where words and actions were taken that we were truly sorry about the following day?  Wonder if the guy taking and then posting the video has anything in his past that he's happy isn't a viral video?

The major takeaway here is to be careful how much you drink and how you act in public — there's a jerk on every corner with a phone waiting to project his shortcomings in life onto someone else. So if possible, can you please stop watching the video?

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