Oh. Man.

I have to start this out by saying this video is NOT safe for work and/or small kids. Set yourself up by mature ears only before watching this cringe-fest.

According to phillymag.com Jersey girl turned Philadelphia reporter, Colleen Campbell, was caught on tape during what I hope was not her best moment. Campbell, 28, hails from Woodbury, New Jersey but now resides in Philadelphia, the article states. She was kicked out of a comedy show for being disruptive, then decided to really double down on being a terrible person by harassing a cop as well as other bystanders outside of Helium Comedy Club. One of the comics, Wil Sylvince, was the one who caught all this on his phone.

Since the video of her tirade went viral, Campbell has been inconsistent with her story (the amount of drinks she had switches from one to two to five during the same interview) and has been let go from her position at PHL 17 where she was an on-air talent. Phillymag.com has reported that according to the full police report, after the video ended Campbell kicked the cop as well as the cop's car. Classy.

Fun highlights to look out for:

  • Her colorful language - I have a potty mouth and even I watched this in horror.
  • When she clearly tries to spit in someone's face and then denies it - YUCK.
  • Every time her friend (boyfriend? random guy? I don't know) looks hopelessly at the camera - I truly feel bad for this guy.
  • When she declares "I work at a f***ing news station, mother ****er!" - This is definitely going to become my new catchphrase.
  • The way her South Jersey accent comes out when she yells "You're arresting me for nooo reason!" - Ugh.
  • The way she expertly puts her shoe back on while handcuffed - Watch out, Houdini.

Ready to cringe? Go to the video above and press play.

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