Baseball is back! Minor League Baseball is one of my favorite things about Spring and Summer in Jersey. And the Somerset Patriots, led by my friend Steve Kalafer, provide some of the most exciting baseball you'll ever see.

With Opening Day on Friday, April 26th, Steve joined me to talk baseball and his fight to stand up for working and middle class families in New Jersey. Plus, his commitment to stand against the PC bullies and continue playing Kate Smith at the park.

As we've been talking about all week, a quick Google search will tell you all you need to know about American hero, Kate Smith. Like how she not only stood up for the troops, but also help black entertainers break through the color barrier.

That's right, Kate Smith, vilified by the ignorant cowards running the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers, was a champion of civil rights for people of color. Imagine that against the backdrop of segregation in the 1930's and 1940's.

Kate Smith deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom she was awarded in 1982 and deserves to be praised and honored. Thankfully, the chorus of voices supporting her is growing. Thankfully, New Jersey has great leaders like Steve Kalafer to continue standing up for common sense.

Steve is also putting his money where his mouth is and offering to donate ten thousand dollars to the Flyers "social justice" charity of their choice and take the statue off their hands displaying it at the park in Bridgewater.

Photo: Steve Kalafer
Photo: Steve Kalafer

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