As we get set for a third straight day of temperatures in the mid 90s with high levels of humidity, it's downright uncomfortable to walk the dog or just take the garbage out - but imagine what it's like to work in this kind of heat all day long.

New Jerseyans are dealing with a heat wave this week and many are forced to worked outside in the heat and humidity. (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

Rich, who's in charge of a PSE&G utility crew installing a gas main in Mercer County, said when it's this hot, it's imprtant to make sure workers are drinking enough fluids.

"The guys gotta take their time and just make sure they stay hydrated. You really can't stay cool you just try to stay hydrated, and it's up to the guys you're working with to watch each other and we talk about in the morning before we come out," he said.

Joe, a construction worker, spent most of the day on his hands and knees, building a new sidewalk.

"Once in a while you've got to stop and take a break," he said, drenched in sweat. "Right now this concrete is getting dry pretty quick cause of the heat, so it's just hot and sweaty."

His fellow worker, Will, said when you're outside building a sidewalk all day you've got to just focus on the task at hand, and not think too much.

"You gotta do it," he said. "You gotta pay the bills some way, I should have gone to college."

In Ewing, mechanic Steve said being out in this heat is tough.

"Sometimes you really don't have a choice, but you've got to do as best you can," he said. "Drink plenty of water, I'm on my second shirt right now, I've got a couple of spares in there, best thing you can do is swap em out."

His sister Sue, who is also a mechanic, said she prefers it cool and crisp, not broiling.

"It's pretty bad, nothing like sweating all day, can't get any relief," she said. "We don't exactly have air conditioning so you just sweat it out and wait till you get home to shower!"