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Heat Wave: Top 10 songs to beat the summer heat
While the temperatures may be pushing 100 degrees, a good song can put you in a fantastic mood despite what your thermometer may be telling you. Whether you're trying to beat the heat on the beach, boardwalk or even just sitting in the backyard, there's no better way to beat the heat than …
Check out Jeff Deminski's hot weather science projects
With the temperature being in the mid-90s today, Jeff Deminski tried a few of heat wave science experiments. On one side of the parking lot, Jeff placed candles, a comb and a bowl filled with ice. The other side of the parking lot featured an attempt to make a classic New Jersey delicacy, a pork rol…
Dealing with the heat in NJ
As we get set for a third straight day of temperatures in the mid 90s with high levels of humidity, it's downright uncomfortable to walk the dog or just take the garbage out - but imagine what it's like to work in this kind of heat all day long.
Loving the Hot Weather
After the mercury topped 90 degrees Tuesday, we're expecting another scorcher on Wednesday and very warm weather for the rest of the work week.

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