This is an outrage! They're going to start wasting money putting up signs everywhere telling drivers it's THEIR job to watch out for idiot pedestrians lost in the smartphones?!? New Jersey shouldn't stand for this! We have enough dumb laws!

Except, it isn't New Jersey.

And it isn't even serious.

The triangular sign with silhouettes of a man and a woman walking with heads down focused on smartphones in their hands appeared in Reutlingen, Germany outside a school. But according to, it wasn't erected by authorities and was in fact put there as a prank. Officials came along and removed it.

However, it does bring up the problem of smombies (smartphone zombies). They are everywhere. Pedestrians paying zero attention to traffic is already a problem here in Jersey in places like Lakewood and Princeton. Throw cell phones into the mix and you can see where some might think these signs aren't a bad idea. The only issue is it shouldn't be the drivers looking out for them; they should get off their damn phones.

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